Welcome to my world—as experienced on paper and canvas.

As an artist, I am intrigued by color and what can be amazing results from a simple brush stroke.  Bold or delicate, washed or opaque, my work tends to represent an exaggerated and perhaps quirky view of our natural world.  Raised in Northern California and then living in Alaska for many years, my paintings embrace the warm sensibilities of  “the beach” and also the cold, wild and extremes of the very far North.

From trees to sea life and bears in Alaska to warm waves, birds and farm animals in warmer places, a variety of subjects has been both challenging and rewarding.  And, everywhere I go, people ask me to paint their pets! Commissioned portraits of beloved dogs, horses, cats, and even a goat have been my pleasure to paint.

Happy to stretch myself as an artist, I paint large scale acrylics and smaller watercolors.  Upon request, I have also ventured out from canvas to create uniquely painted doors— and even custom-painted bike helmets.  Special, commissioned projects are always welcome. Painting workshops are also great ways to engage and it is always a wonder to see people blossom as painters, even for a few hours.