Nude 1

Nude 1 - post

Never get tired of the female form. Magical.  Full.  Mysterious to ourselves and others.  These lovely shapes are reflected in nature and every time a woman looks in the mirror.


Windbreak - post

Sometimes, a line of single trees can be elegant as well as useful.  They are dynamic, they are alive and they hum in the wind.  I wonder how many of these exist for their practical application and how often we take no notice at all.
Watercolor, 22×30 inches —

Southcentral Alaska’s “5” Seasons

5 seasons - post

One of my friends says. “Alaska has two seasons: Winter and not-Winter.”  Agreed, but just for grins, I made it look like we had all of them, only one extra thrown in for our long-ish winters.  It works.  Done in Acrylics on 5 panels of 16×20 inch canvases.

Polar Bears at Play


Whimsical and fun, this polar bear family may be at risk of losing their natural habitat. but you would never know it from this painting.  Inspired by my son’s passion to save the polar ice cap and keep these bears from going extinct, this painting is near and dear to our family.