Southcentral Alaska’s “5” Seasons

5 seasons - post

One of my friends says. “Alaska has two seasons: Winter and not-Winter.”  Agreed, but just for grins, I made it look like we had all of them, only one extra thrown in for our long-ish winters.  It works.  Done in Acrylics on 5 panels of 16×20 inch canvases.

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  1. Katy McHugh
    Katy McHugh says:

    I’m loving your art Ms Debby! I always knew you had the eye- remembering your home in the basement of Mark and Gail’s – every detail was added to delight the senses.

    I live the turquoise birches, and I like Ray and Teeny’s birches.
    Do you have anything available now?


    Cost for custom?

    xoxo Katy


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